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Steve Spiro has had an eclectic career and spent decades earning his stripes in the music industry. In the mid-80s he was an acclaimed electronic record producer and remixer who worked with artists such as Pet Shop Boys, Talk Talk, Imagination, MC Hammer, E17 and The Farm. He also had several big club hits between 1988-93 under the name “Four To The Floor” and in 1996 scored the chart-hitting BBC theme tune for the Atlanta Olympics. Steve’s 2011 release under the Frequent Traveller moniker was a real-time soundtrack of his train commute from London to Sussex.

The second album release “Real Life” used Sennheiser’s ground-breaking AMBEO binaural sound technology to capture environmental sounds from 10 different world locations and take the listener on a journey around the globe in game-changing, 360-degree sound.

Other experiential sound commissions for Steve include Wimbledon museum’s “Science of Tennis” Immersive exhibition and  Huawei Sonic Escapes which picked up a Gold for best music in the 2021 Campaign Experiential Awards.


Since starting Freefarm back in 2004 my approach and drive has remained largely the same whilst the scope and scale of the projects has moved on in great strides. Ears always wide open for new sounds, I've amassed an ever evolving pallet of unusual and exotic techniques and instruments to draw from. I regularly call in additional musicians when a project calls for it. 

Commissions have seen me create microscopic interface sounds for a global mobile brand, soundtrack a complete rebrand of MTV for a global audience of 500 million and compose music for a 36 channel surround audio-visual experience for Hyundai. Other people I have worked with include choreographer Benjamin Millepied on an audio-visual installation for the London Science Museum and Finnish film director Dome Karukoski on a series of idents for TV channel Nelonen.

My studio is located in the South Downs near Brighton, UK and can happily support every stage of production from sketch to final master.

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Dom is London based composer and sound designer creating scores and soundscapes that captivate and excite. At the centre of a rapidly emerging new genre, Dom is a specialist in the devising of site-specific, immersive sound and music experiences.  He has designed and installed multi-channel soundscapes in major venues such as Alton Towers, Guinness Store House (Dublin), Tiffany (New York / Beijing, Seoul), Dishoom (London), Museum of Sex (New York), Joyce (Hong Kong) and Selfridges (London) often working with culinary architecture supremos Bompas & Parr.  He enjoys working in unusual spaces including a project to design and compose for a bone-conducting audio spoon for Heinz Beanz.  He has a wealth of knowledge in the recording, creating and application of binaural audio.


He cut his teeth early on by assisting Dominik Scherrer, Ruth Barrett and Paul Clark on theatre and television projects.  Recent film work includes the debut film from Lenny Dorfman entitled Bring Back the Cat (starring Amanda Abington, Ellie Bamber) and the stylish animation Aftermath (Layla Atkinson, Trunk).  Recent orchestration work includes ITV’s Sanditon, The Sister and Bloodlands (BBC) (composer Ruth Barrett) and Birds of Prey (composer Daniel Pemberton).  

He has composed music for leading advertising agencies on campaigns for Intel, Flora, BP, Cadburys, Müller, Miller, Amazon Prime, Jaguar Land Rover and many more.  He most recently created the music for the hugely popular 2020/21 GoDaddy TV campaigns featuring Javone Prince.

A multi-instrumentalist, Dom plays clarinet, piano, guitar and a handful of instruments from round the world that are seen lying around his West London studio. 


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