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We were invited to develop our own fully branded Experiential Audio category channel specifically for airline inflight entertainment which is now live across all BA and other IAG airlines, where this year, in excess of 95 million passengers will have the opportunity of listening to hybrid 360 sonic soundtracks as they circle the World. All of the content that we created was designed for headphone consumption only.  Let’s face it, we are playing to a captive audience as all airline passengers wear headphones in order to tune into the inflight entertainment system. 

The first instalment features a five EP series entitled "Echoic Memory”. All of the series content started out life in stereo but have been remixed and sonically enhanced with the sole intention of offering passengers full immersivity and a chance to lose themselves in an effortlessly cool soundtrack. The varied playlists cut across multiple genres from Hip Hop, Electronica, Ambient and Neo Classical. We have also created a short series of Binaural Beats Wellbeing meditations for the channel.

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To celebrate this exciting new partnership, we've made a short film entitled “A Journey Into Sound" to demonstrate the sheer awesomeness of Ambisonic Experiential audio. (Headphone listening only)

If you fancy tucking in to this sumptuous collection of sonic treats, put your headphones on and nudge the volume up to a hearty immersive level and enjoy the ride! 

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2023 Music For Headphones

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