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We worked with Huawei, developing a series called “Sonic Escapes” as part of an advertising campaign to launch their Free Buds Pro headphones. We were asked by advertising agency Pablo to create experiential soundscapes that took people on an exotic sojourn to three different locations, helping them tackle the mental health issues they were facing from the lengthy periods of isolation they had endured during COVID Lockdown. In each location, the listener is led by a guide who escorts them through busy city squares, tranquil beaches and remote mountain waterfalls.

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We created the immersive sonic soundscapes for each location and produced contemporary indigenous music scores that were all mixed binaurally. “Sonic Escapes” enables the listener to escape to distant, exotic locations via their headphones; experiencing these worlds in such superb 360° audio that it gives the listener a very real sense of being there. The first three locations received more than two and a half million streams within a week of going live and was awarded a Gold at the 2021 Campaign Experiential Awards.

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