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When we were invited by Sennheiser to create an immersive audio pallet of functional 360° command sounds for their premium, home cinema “AMBEO Soundbar”, we engaged multi award winning sound designer and audio specialist Nick Ryan.

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Here is a short film about the ethos and methods he used to construct the detailed and intricate collection of sounds:

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In addition to creating the sonic palette of 3D immersive command sounds for the Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar. Here's some other brand films and immersive audio content we created for Sennheiser to promote their ASH headphones. (Please wear headphones when watching)

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Sennheiser were asked to provide the sound experience for this historic auction, featuring the personal collection of over 120 guitars owned by Pink Floyd’s  legendary singer and songwriter including the iconic “Black Strat” that was played on “Dark Side of the Moon” and sold for four million dollars.





 We were asked by Sennheiser to setup the whole immersive sound experience featuring the AMBEO Soundbar in each of the five main rooms at Christies. All of the rooms had different things happening from live Pink Floyd films to audio demos played by Gilmour for the relevant guitars in each of the rooms. 

David Gilmour Guitar auction at Christies

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